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He had known her for a few years, even been to her sweet sixteen.
They ran in the same circles, she was tall and dark and lean.
The years went by and their circles once again intertwined.
He thought that her lovely smile and shape looked especially divine.
He sat with her in classes but it was all an act.
He was not a man but rather boy who wanted her in the sack.
They spent some time together; winter months she held him near.
She tried so hard but he did slide into narcissistic fear.
She was rushing toward a future, he was looking for some tale.
It ended before the beautiful colt was sacrificed or impaled.
When it was done and over he still did not act a man.
He walked away, no words did say as from her love he ran.
He now sees her in the papers, how she is loved by all.
Having grown he wishes great future blessing upon her will ever fall.