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A poem like a bicycle can take us round the earth,
they can lead us out of sorrow and give to us such great mirth.
This bicycle so simple I present as a gift to thee,
I know of me you’ll fondly think as you ride it presently.
This bike though it looks shabby, it is tired, it is old,
magic places it can take you as you ride it down the road.
I get weepy thinking of the path on which you’ll soon embark,
trials, tribulations, victories and tearful nights so dark.
There is so much strength within us if we only do but try,
I’m counting on you, child to take your fledgling wings and fly.
When the world throws you to the ground and down you tumble and fall,
know that progress can be measured even by one who slowly crawls.
I hope you think of me and smile when with this bicycle you ride,
the big wide world can be your oyster no matter where you do reside.
Keep on spinning, keep on dreaming, do not be afraid to fall,
for those that reach for distant heaven help us all when standing tall!