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In awestruck wonder I gaze deeply into love’s endless orbs, her eternal pools so verdant and such glories they do store. Hers is an eternal fire, a burning dance upon the sea; longingly I slip from land as she whole heartedly engulfs me. I can feel her power mighty as into her great depths I swim, her beauty is a near eternal rush for time ever lasting.

At times her surf is rolling and causes worry from the shore, today her embrace is gentle and I reach out for so much more. Rapture nearly endless as I frolic in her inviting wet, still from the warm moist engulfing she I move on to what comes next.

We advance to a time of shifting, loving hands and rhythmic feet, it is her curves that drives the cadence, stokes the fire, feeds my heat. The sweet middle seems endless as our bodies lovingly do meet. It is here I feel most empowered as I cruise with all my worth, locked in this embrace for hours a slice of heaven here on earth. Start with wet beginnings we lovingly move on to rhythmic pace, we are nearing the final hour of our rapturous sweet race.

Though our spirits still are joyous the intercourse now takes command, flesh in ecstasy can only satisfy so many demands. Our pace, sweet rhythm, loving cadence to surrender now is lost, with thankful hearts, souls, minds, lungs our tryst we now lovingly exhaust. Our strong passion for the moment is soon spent and we are still, her ever beckoning Siren’s song will always uplift and thrill.

I no longer writhe in passion as my every want’s fulfilled, hers is the kiss needed most as she forever bends me to her will.