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They lead us into battle, we attack from the west at dawn.
We assault with blind fury! God’s avenging murderous throng!
The blind men who are our great leaders, the ones who goad us on,
Convince us they are all knowing though we know it is so wrong.
For though our fathers say we’re courageous, and that they know best;
Simple truth is they’re feral children and we a hornets’ nest.
But on high they hold a staff at arms’ length to win the battle!
Victory in martial psalm! Embrace all this holy prattle!
Dark replaces His holy light, we are his avenging throng!
Why must we all sing, “Might makes right!” as our never ending song?
Smite the wicked that oppose us! The streets run red with their blood!
The havoc that we’re reeking has naught to do with peaceful doves.
“Fight the heathen, Christian soldier! Eat their bodies! Drink their blood!”
Is this the path to freedom? What became of our song of love?
Faith in steps we are taking, does not on love necessitate.
Is His message so abhorrent that we twist it into hate?
“God hates fags! Death to sinners! Vengeance on murderers of babes!”
Can anger and our hatred leave anyone alive to save?
We use His words as battle cry and destroy our fellow man!
Do we think that is His message? If it is then we’re all damned.