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It’s not your animal power that turns my head so fast
Nor the way that you devour those that stand in your path
Your muscles ripple outward with subtle strength from within
You awe me with your potency my feline jungle cat

There are so many pretenders who simply cannot last
You sweep them from any arena with great haste and wrath
How quickly are those crushed that dare challenge you chin to chin
You stand poised for eager fight; hot to rise up and combat

The sinew of your essence as if in strong bronze was cast
Your reserves and strengths you hold ever ready in a cache
Those that challenge you so often lose their insolent grins
They look up in shocked terror as they cower on the mat

Yet the power and lightning that is ready in your grasp
Zeus’ bolts you hold in reserve lest the world you would gash
Staying titan’s power to protect those with thinner skins
You condescend to suffer fools like a mother with brats

Amazonian strength belays hawkish warrior’s pride
I have seen the tender anguish that lives deep down inside
So though I’ve seen your fury, felt your anger, seen your blood
Martial queen I pay homage to you cooing of our love

Cat Costume