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I cycle by their house and my right cheek raises in salute, frequently think to stop and chat but ride by remaining mute. Seven years gone since he went away, in my mind fifteen he’ll stay: Sorrow hits imagining loneliness they feel everyday.

Boundless energy of youth always straining to be released, who could ever dream this smiling lad so soon would be deceased? Easy to like, real together kid from such a loving home, glory in his eyes, strength his hands and compassion in his bones. He seemed to have it all, health, wealth, brains and future shining bright- never made sixteen before retreating to eternal night.

Last night I drove by the spot where his shiny car flew aloft, my heart sank ever downward as I thought of his family’s loss. Think of my sons at that age, boys filled with emotions and dreams, wonder if his death was accident or existential scream? Do I posses the strength to continue with the loss of son? Ever again feel joy in life or be completely undone? Would I forever sit imprisoned, wonder about what ifs? Or could I find strength to glory in his oh so short lived gift? With brave faces first born eulogized and lifted to the stars, how can this pain be endured without leaving visible scars?

We can be summoned from world we pass through in blink of an eye, great hopes and dreams of tomorrow shattered when a child dies. No one knows what the morning brings so hold on to today, embrace reverently the ones we love and in thanks for them pray.