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Voice over in the corner blared with volume rather loud, walls of thinnest paper exposed our wooing to the crowds. In a nod to propriety my love liked to turn radio up to thunderous timbre, sounds emanating from the speakers was something to which I was usually inured. Caught up in dance most delightful, enjoying pleasures of the flesh, slowly penetrated my altered state whose voice was our aural guest.

How she did drone on as we writhed in ecstasy. We two locked in flagrante embrace with curtains drawn so the world can’t see. Our hearts were pumping faster as we tangoed through the night, my life so uplifted by our explicit flight. Mouths searching to discover some undiscovered port, in pursuit of sweet release our bodies we did contort. Entering Nirvana, lost in the melded form that’s us, distinct echoes dance across the room with each syncopated thrust.

The revelation came upon me tardily that radio’s chiding biddy belonged to someone that we knew, with each restraining word she uttered disclosure of voice’s owner did accrue. I began to laugh out loud as love’s rapturous music came to final crescendo in our dance, my spent darling looked up in wondering question of why I laughed so raucously in midst of reverential trance. With laughing eyes I subdued the too loud guffaws that I still longed to express out loud and was finally able to bid her listen to the voice that our bed it did enshroud.

After a short moment she too a laugh did smother, guest voice championing return to bygone propriety belonged to my lover’s mother.