Feeling light headed as my stomach growled, I decided to nosh and cast off the fog. I didn’t want heavy, no, just something light, so I pulled open the fridge door and peered in with the help of its small light. I grabbed some iceberg, arugula, spinach, romaine and fixed some mixed greens with lettuces both dark and light. I made an extra large helping because much to my delight I was going to share my snack with the light of my life.

We picked up our salads along with light beers and wandered a bit, both of us wondering just where to sit, when my love suggested we dine al fresco and so we made our way to the deck where we did alight. Settling in our places as old Sol was just sinking down the fiery, red ball the evening sky it did ignite. We talked and we giggled about things of no portent when she started to make fun of my good friend Kent. She raised her hand skyward and then bent it down at the wrist and said, “He’s so light in the loafers!” with a definite lisp.

I was a little befuddled as to why she’d make light of my friend so I brought her comment out into the light. His character I defended perhaps a bit too rigorously which brought to light a caustic reaction in her which was plain to see. “You know I was just joking!” was her reply as the light in her eyes flashed to dark from light.

I made light of her reaction and blamed peevishness that hunger frequently does bring to light and went back to enjoying end of the day’s growing twilight. We went back to our banter that was trivial and light and sat wrapped in good feelings throughout the night. We snuggled ensconced in each others arms, my heart made light by my true love’s lightning quick charms.