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I find the moon mesmerizing. Here’s a sextet of moon musings from the last few nights:

We sad Earth bound mortals are tonight denied Selene’s bright orb
Her beauty behind dark curtain- terrible portents forewarns
I search with deep longing to gaze upon her exquisite form
I pray with my whole being tomorrow’s sky once more she’ll warm

From opposite points compass kissed moon and her loving bright sun
In foreboding, cold, autumn twilight the two orbs they did run
Mother of magic, sweetest light, ruler of all in deepest night
Empress of shadows, magic delight, bathes us in heaven’s own light

Pale, fair, fickle goddess whose moods ebb and flow as ocean’s tides
Beneath your great beauty my soul always longs so to abide
The moon so bright and beautiful is shining down from on high
She fills my heart with her beauty and makes my spirit fly

Illuminating luminescence, bright ethereal light
We bow to your magical powers that gives my spirit flight
She calls, she calls, invites you to wing free
Selene silver goddess, always lovely

Whispers incantation, casts mournful spell
Cast out earthly sadness, drink from her well
Too few hours of pleasure spent in her net
Embrace the enchantress, sorrows forget

Watching from her aerie, gliding high above
Huntress soars through the night, master of domain
Silver are gleaned fields, chock full of waiting game
Swoops silently, on prey emancipates blood

This single moment, no thought of what’s to come
Moon and stars blaze the way for life that she loves
Beauty pulls with gravity as through sky she rides
Gossamer clouds transmogrify this even’ tide

Narcissus swims lovingly, with Selene does play
Reflections of such beauty in my heart must stay
Lake reflects veiled heaven, we crave passion inside
Watch in awed wonder as two gods cavort with pride

Nemesis scorned hubris, made his watery grave
Lirope’s proud offspring with moon goddess plays
Heaven’s sphere mists above, Selene again does hide
Narcissus sinks into mud as part of me dies