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Duane Larson- Mr Boddy

Late for the party, missed much of the game,
Plots our destruction with sneering disdain.
Unpleasant Boddy first shot down in flames;
Contemptible fellow with mocking refrain.

Has he been duped or is he plotter supreme?
Offers up victim but he pays the price,
Shot at and dies without even a scream.
Man of two faces who’s end does come twice.

Filled early evening with fidgety talk.
Bearer of candlestick, gun, knife and noose,
Like Lazarus this dead man learns to walk.
Death and destruction from bag he does loose.

Body of evidence that he presents
Can’t keep him from being man of past tense.

Duane Larson as Mr. Boddy. Photo by Alisabeth Von Presely.