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Couple in silhouette
They sit and stare and wonder,
How did it come down to this?
No joy or crack of thunder,
No passion in arid kiss.

Yesterday stared enraptured,
Today they just get along.
Dream of lost love recaptured,
Longing for hearts filled with song.

Tectonic plates drift slowly,
As can two neglected hearts.
Fire damped to an ember,
Long for harmonious parts.

Twilight from dawn till dusk now,
Never sharp images in view.
Mocking of eternal vows,
Tepid love sadly subdued.

Drought that stunts passion’s ardor,
affects so much more than glands.
Once fertile, fecund garden,
Turned to sterile, barren land.

Whence is fiery Phoenix?
His arrival long past due.
From ashes rises Venus,
Who all the world does renew.

All things may have their season,
There must be sorrow and pain.
Love hides but is not beaten,
Long to again feel it’s reign.