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Eight thousand seven hundred plus sixty five days,
Four thirty and twenty one seconds, what can I say?
Born December twenty two, one day after solstice,
Cast brilliant light from darkest dawn, arrival uplifts.

Numerology’s not my thing, yet numbers don’t lie;
No doubt you were heaven sent, look how digits align!
Whatever language counted, could write it in base nine,
There’s no room for doubt that in our hearts you’re sublime.

Unique anomaly those born in nineteen ninety,
all share pattern of 8, 7, 6, 5, you see.
Two thousand was graced with three hundred sixty five days,
All those born in ninety share pattern on which you gaze.

Yet your birthday, son, takes the pattern further out
Birth from GMT minus seven’s what we’ll count.
That puts the hour of your birth in Cali time,
At four thirty two and one second we do find.

Some see coincidence, while others just cry, “Foul!”
Strong magic in your numerological power!
If any doubt sincerity of number rhyme,
Declare by all the stars that Kevin’s love is mine.

Redfern Kenel Engagement (14)