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     The closet that held George’s clothes also held boxes of photo albums and other odds and ends. After Bryan had tried on some pants and selected a shirt he called out, “Sandy? Do you mind going through these albums with me? I’d love to see what memories you’re storing in here.”

     Sandy walked across the hall from her bedroom and asked, “Pardon? Oh. That. Sure, we can go through that. I’d love to, at least, some of it. Now or later? How do you feel about dinner and movie time?”

     “You’re asking me? I just got up, remember? I need to be to bed by five, so we’ve got plenty of time,” he answered with a wink.

     “Smart ass. Well, I’m hungry so let’s not go strolling too far down memory lane right now, okay?”

     “Sure, sure. No problem. I just saw these here and thought I’d ask. Do you want to wait?”

     “No, that’s okay. Here, you pull out a box and we’ll start at random. Let me see what movies are playing,” she added, checking her phone.

     In this case random turned out to be the summer Cassie and Jon met complete with love letters, lots of photos and an ever expanding Sandy followed by baby pictures of George. The album started with the four roommates, Aniyah, Tiana, Karen and Sandy at a dilapidated house at what had to be the New Jersey shore. “Wow, you ladies looks so young here,” Bryan said when he saw the pictures.

     “Meaning what, mister?” She responded with raised eyebrows and mock fury. “We would have been two years younger than you are now, smartass. So what does that make me now? Careful how you answer, sweet boy. Do you mind seeing ‘The Imitation Game?’ I missed it at the first run but it’s playing at Collins Cinema. Cheap, too.”

     “No, that’s fine. What is it?”

     “World War Two movie about Alan Turing and the German Enigma code. A woman I know saw it. Sarah said she cried desperately at the end.”

     “Chick flick?”

     “I don’t think so. Do you know who Turing was?”

     “I don’t think so. Who?”

     “Computer guy? Ever hear of the Turing Test?”

     “Oh,” Bryan said. “The thing where you interact with a computer that’s so smart and learns so fast that you think it’s human? Yeah, now that you say that. Okay, I’ve heard of him and the movie. He’s gay, right?”

     “Was. He’s very dead. Sara is gay too. I think that may have had something to do with her getting so upset. Anyway, 4:55 or 9:25 show-time. Any preference?”

      “So about two and a half hours or seven? Either works for me. How about you?”

     “Are you hungry?” she asked. “We could eat lunch and go early or eat dinner and go late.”

     “Not really. I just ate. Not that I couldn’t eat again.”

     “There’s a surprise. Bottomless pit is what you are. Okay, how about I eat a little lunch and we can get dinner around eight and then go to the nine twenty five?”

     “Perfect. I’d like to hit the library. Haven’t been in a week. Pat probably thinks I abandoned her.”

     “Right!” Sandy replied. “You said that you knew Pat Struttmann. I know Len.”

     “Yeah, you told me that. Theatre, right?”

     “Yes. Mostly backstage. Takes incredible photos! I saw him in ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ at that new theater in Francisville I told you about, The Giving Tree?”

     “If you say so. Anyway, I just haven’t been to the library since I met you and I don’t think two days went by in a row that I didn’t stop in this winter.”

     “Sure. That gives us a few spare hours. Have you ever been out to Pinicon Ridge? We could go for a hike.”

     “Over by Central City? Yeah. We camped there with the Scouts. Been years. Like, maybe ten?! That would be cool,” he responded looking through the photo album. “This must be Jon’s parents? He looks a lot like his father, doesn’t he?”

     “Yes. Marty and Peggy. And he has his mother’s spunk. They’re good people. They were devastated by George’s death. Oh, Lord! Don’t read the love letters! At least not with me here. He was rather descriptive at times. Dwelled on certain details. I’m blushing, aren’t I?”

     “Wow. Yes, you are! I have never seen you blush before! I need to read those!”

     “I won’t stop you, but maybe you should wait a few years,” she said. “He really likes detailed writing, if you know what I mean?”

     “All righty then. I think I will take your advice. Why don’t you eat and then we can swing by Aiionwatha on our way to Central City?”

     “Good plan, Bryan. Let’s see what we can cook up.”

     Lunch for Cassie was a snack to Bryan. She opened one of the bags of salad like the one she had brought for dinner the night before and they split that and Sandy added a dozen pecan halves to hers for protein. “Okay,” she said, slipping their dishes in the dishwasher, “I’m ready. I don’t see any reason to bring big blue, do you? We’re for sure coming back here no matter where you spend the night.”

      “Already thinking about sleeping with me, hmm? I like that.”

     “Dream on, lover boy. Just thinking out loud. Hey, I know you work a half day tomorrow but what about class? Do you want to try to get to bed really early and then come to Group with me? If you went to be right after the movie that would be a little more than six hours of sleep. Then you could nap a bit after class if you wanted?”

     “Nap with you or alone?”

     “Nap as in sleep or slap and tickle?”

     “I asked you first,” Bryan said with a smile.

    “And I evaded you second. Maybe. Nap to sleep that is. I’ll have to see what tomorrow brings, but you are welcome here tonight and then I can take you to Group in the morning?”

     “Yeah, that sounds good. I need to show Winnie that I didn’t need five days to recover like he did.”

      “Yes. You are a big strong man. You’re in better shape than a man twice your age.”

    “Haters gotta’ hate. I would love to spend the entire day and night with you regardless of what happens in your bed. I crave your company as much as your bodacious bod. Or almost as much. Depends on the moment.”

     “Better quit while you’re ahead. Let’s go visit your other woman, Marian the librarian.”

     “Pat,” Bryan answered.

     “No. You’re kidding right? The Music Man? It takes place in Shibboleth for goodness sake!”

     “Psych! Got you. Robert Preston. My dad watched that like every year or so because of his mom and Ray. Ray and Mary live in Shibboleth which is Music Man territory.”

     “Hmm. Good one. Let’s go before we have trouble right here in River City, shall we?”