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     As they drove through town Sandy asked, “Say, are you riding on First Avenue to get to my house? Did you ever think about going south one more block to Second Ave? That way you could avoid going in front of the Cellular Center. That place gets busy sometimes.”

     “I guess I knew that,” Bryan answered. “Yeah, you’re right. I’ll try to remember.”

     Bryan grabbed his bundle of clothes and carried them into the house. Ninja greeted them with multiple leg circles and Sandy scooped her up and petting her carried the cat upstairs. “I have a chicken breast we can share for our pre-show mini-meal and then we can have dinner after? That’s what we decided on, right?”

     “Sounds great. Our plans have changed so many times in the last week I don’t know what we decided on. Should I put these in the far bedroom?” he asked, indicating his bundle of clothes.

     “You’d better. Not much space in the other room’s closet. I’m going to shower and then we can get dinner ready. Do you have what you need?”

     “Just a kiss to hold me over,” he answered with a smile. “Thanks for being you,” he said after their buss.

     “Ditto. Now shower. In your bathroom, tiger. We’re a little short on time.”

     “Spoilsport,” he answered, hanging his clothes in the closet.

     Bryan finished showering and shaving before Sandy was done showering and after slipping into shorts and a T-shirt he called to her through her open bathroom door, “Hey! I’m going to take our wet clothes down to the laundry. Did you want me to start a load of laundry?”

     “What?!” she asked.

     “I said,” he replied, sticking his head through the shower curtain, “I’m going to take our wet clothes downstairs. Would you like me to start a load of laundry?”

     Sandy smiled at him, turned the water off and then pecked his cheek. “No, thanks. In fact just throw them in my hamper. It’s in the closet. I’ll do a load once I’m out of here.”

     “Will do. Maybe you should wear that outfit. It looks good on you.”

     “Yeah, yeah. Thanks! Hey! Get the salad ready, will you? It’s another one of those in a bag so just toss everything together and mix, okay? We’ll get the grill going in a minute.”

     “Will do,” he answered, stealing one more tiny kiss. “You’re really cute, you know that?”

     “Ditto. Now move!”

     By the time Bryan was finished in the kitchen Sandy had slipped into flesh colored panties and a matching strapless bra. She was blow drying her hair but turned the dryer off when she saw Bryan in the mirror. “Know what you’re going to wear tonight?” she asked.

     “What’s wrong with this?” he asked, running his hands down his shirt.

     “Funny. Let’s go to the closet, okay?”

     Sandy rifled through the clothes Bryan had brought and selected the black tux, a black dress shirt and black tie. “Hang on,” she said and walked into the room that held George’s clothes. She returned with black jeans and red Vans sneakers. “What do you think, slick? Can you pull it off?”

     “What are you wearing if I wear this?” he asked.

    “A silver and black crop-top under a see through black blouse, peg-leg ankle high pants and three inch red heels. They hurt my feet but we won’t be standing that much. What do you think?”

     “I’m excited just thinking about you. I’m in,” he said, shaking his head and laughing.

     “That’s the spirit. Okay, let me slip into a T-shirt while I finish getting my hair and face ready then we can eat and go.”

     “To bad about the tee, but I guess it is a little cool for all that skin,” he replied, gently smacking her rear end.

     “Prurient. Now shoo.”

     Dinner was quick and they washed the lite fare down with a glass of white wine. They dressed, used their tooth brushes to refresh smiles with a lick-and-a-promise and then each donned the clothes they were wearing to TCR. Once they were downstairs Sandy said, “Shoot! Tickets. Would you please go to the bed stand next to the right side of the bed and grab the tickets? I’ll pull the car out.”

     “The right side where I’ve been sleeping?” he asked quizzically.

     “What? No. The other side. My right side. Oh, whatever! The side I sleep on. Stage right, if you will. Please?”

     “Okay, sorry. I wasn’t trying to be difficult. I was just confused.”

     “No worries, just hurries. Go!”

     Bryan grabbed the tickets and got into the car. “Got ‘em?” Sandy asked.

     “Yeah. Hey, how much did you say these tickets were?”

     “I don’t remember,” she answered. “Doesn’t it say?”

     “Yeah,” he said slowly. “They’re like fifty five dollars.”

     “Oh, sure. There’s a service fee when you buy online.”

     “Yeah. But you told me twenty five.”

     “Okay? Twenty five times two is fifty? Are you okay?”

     “Pretty sure I only paid you twenty five the other night. Did you do that on purpose?”

      “Oh, for goodness sake! Stop! That was what? Monday night? I don’t know what I told you. We’re even, okay?”

     “Sweet cheeks,” he said evenly. “Thank you for trying to help me but please, no more favors unless we agree, okay? I know you’re rich and I’m poor but I have to stand on my own two feet. Got it?”

     “Yes, dear,” she answered, truly mollified, at least for the moment. “Sorry if I misled you. Do you love me?”

     “’Do I what?’” he sang.

     She looked at him in shock and then smiled back and sang, “’Do you love me?’”

    Bryan shook his head and said, “I suppose I do. Please, no more tricks, mistress of the night.”

     “Roger,” she whispered. “Wilco. Thanks for being you.”