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“You knew it was too good to be true,” she said. “Right?”

“Do we really have to have this discussion? Now?”

“Nope. Entirely up to you. I’m just saying.” He watched the tiny hand toy with her blonde locks, twisting the hair around her index finger first in a clockwise and then anti-clockwise position.

“Yeah. Got it. Why not stop?”

“It’s not like I’m one to say told you so…”

The pregnant pause proceeded for a forty second count- One second for each week of human gestation. “No. Not you,” he replied, shaking his head. “You’d never say anything like that.”

“So now what? Start over? Call it quits? Move on? What?”

The man exhaled deeply. His eyes fell to the ground, then again looked at the beautiful face in front of him. Then with slow, laborious, deliberate action he used his eyes to focus one letter at a time on his keyboard. With visual stroke after stroke he wrote out the words. “I keep searching. If stem cells aren’t the answer then something else is.” Finished with his sentence he activated the relay that made his voder speak the words aloud.

The blonde girl nodded, found his hand by touch and squeezed. “Okay. If you won’t quit I won’t either. Come on, you smell like you need a bath.”

The assenting grunt that came from him was not speech but it communicated his agreement. “Who knows,” she said, “Maybe someday, huh?”