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The cold spray that hit them was invigorating and Adriel was reminded of last summer’s Facebook craze, “The Ice Bucket Challenge.” He’d thought it a shame that so many folks decided to use his ailment as a way to post silly videos but it was hard to argue with the one hundred million dollars the campaign had raised. His vocal cords created a three toned, rising inflection wail that signaled his shock and Gabrielle answered him.

“Sorry, sweetie. It is cold,” she said as her nipples hardened from the chill blast. “Give it a second,” she added as she snuggled up to him and placed herself between him and the cold stream.

She found the shampoo by feel and gave the dispenser one pump. Straddling Adriel on the bench she took her hands and began to gently massage his scalp. Once she had worked up a lather her finger tips began to push harder through his longish locks as her mouth found his and they kissed passionately. Because of the advancing ALS his tongue and lips were slow to respond and, cognizant of his need to breathe, she kept their kisses short.

Feeling him rise to the occasion she slipped her hand between his legs and squeezed his hardening penis. “Business before pleasure,” she said, rising off of him and finding the shower wand. Slowly and methodically she washed him, taking her time and pleasuring them both with the sensuous activity.

Once Adriel was washed she again kissed him and then began to bathe herself in a most seductive way. She turned and bent, twisted and postured to be as tantalizingly teasing as she could. This was their time and at least here and now they could be the loving couple they truly were.

Finished with the cleansing ablutions she gathered a large bath towel from its rack outside the shower and wrapped it around her husband. “Let’s get you dry and then see what comes up, shall we?” she asked with a mischievous smile.