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The trapeze had stopped being a sex toy three years earlier when Adriel stopped being able to stand on his own. Over the next thousand and one nights their love life required many accommodations but it was only recently that Gabrielle had begun to fear that she might hurt her husband. Long, passionate kisses were no longer possible as they left him gasping for air and his ability to satisfy her via lips, teeth and tongue had suffered the same suffocating death. His ability to function sexually was not impaired but with near zero movement it became Gabrielle’s task to keep love making from sliding into mechanical sex.

“Who’s my sweet boy?” she asked as she gently caressed his shoulders and arms, massaging his limbs with long, sensuous strokes. Gabrielle had used the trapeze to center him in their large bed and he lay flat on his back, unable even to lift his head off the mattress. She positioned her body above his, tantalizing him by slowly running her breasts up the length of him until she came to his face and sat astraddle it.

As recently as two months ago this position on top of him had allowed him to orally pleasure her to orgasm but even that had been taken from them. His lagging tongue and difficulty breathing reduced this part of foreplay to a bare minimum, really just a nod to who he had once been and an acknowledgment that he longed so to return her ministrations. After a few appreciative sighs she slid down his body and melded her lips to his.

“I love you,” she whispered over and over, gently kissing him and stroking him to fullness. The condoms had returned to their sex life less than a year prior and the meaning of their reappearance had not been lost on Adriel. In his fullness she slipped a condom on and slowly rode him to orgasm, managing to climax in mutual and near simultaneous release.