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In 1992 my wife and I were visiting her parents in Jupiter, Florida. They watched our toddler son while we went for a run. While we were out running an old couple rode by us on bicycles and called out, “You shouldn’t run! Running is bad for your knees!” My response is unprintable but my recollection is that I said my scathing reply only loudly enough for my beloved to hear.

Today we are that old couple. She turns 55 soon and I will join her in the double nickles come spring time. We both do triathlons as well as running races.

My beloved has moved to Florida and I shall join her there next month. I am visiting for the fourth of July weekend and we have cycled and swam the last few days. Today we went for a three and a half mile run. While we were out running a couple our age that was out walking applauded us as we went by. Really. Applauded.

I am a firm believer in self care and maintenance, that we need to accommodate our changing abilities as we age but that staying active is critical for good health.

It’s funny how doing something simple that reaps great rewards can transform you into a positive roll model worthy of applause. Now if only we convince more people of the benefits of getting off their couches what a wonderful world we could live in.