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Redneck Moving Van

Weekend late- right around six- dealt absurd trick.
Moving Van savior left us up a crick.
Friday’s oath, which lies broken and tattered,
Monday salvation? It too is shattered.

“We’re a good company, please know it’s true,
Don’t normally lie, default, misconstrue.
Seems that our driver, one we really trust,
Can’t be there as promised, party’s a bust.”

Three strikes and they’re out, now who holds the bat?
Contingency plan failure, meet epitaph.
Could rip out my hair, but what be the point-
Who dreamed of such trouble dusting this joint?

Six bedroom house, three- two- five square meters,
Old couple must move; what could be bleaker?
“Oh, woe is us! We have angered the gods!”
Reality? Possessions ain’t been maraud.

Earthly goddess of mine, A.K.A. wife,
Says, “This soon will pass. We’ll see end of our strife.”
Fount of great wisdom, vision to behold,
She’ll keep me sane, with her calming council.