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The heavy bag in the spare room was beckoning and Gabrielle was anxious to heed its call. After disconnecting with her erstwhile lover she returned to the bedroom she shared with her husband, listened to his breathing, ensured he was still sleeping, closed their bedroom door and then after returning to the spare room cum martial arts dojo closed that door as well. “Whole lot of door closing going on around here,” she said, slipping on her tae kwon do mitts. “What have you got to say to that big brother?” she asked as she jab, jab, jabbed and then roundhouse kicked the bag. “I could use some help down here,” she sobbed as she moved on to the speed bag.

“You know, it was tough enough losing you and then Mom and Dad divorced, I literally fuck things up with Adriel and Bruce and now it looks like I’ll be on my own down here pretty soon.” She alternated between the two bags and then demanded, “Any words of wisdom big bro?”

Pulling off the mitts she moved on to the pull-up bar and did six quick pull-ups, fell to the ground and did fifty pushups before collapsing to catch her breath. Sixty seconds later she did dips to momentary muscle exhaustion and after recovering from that punishment fell to the mat and worked her core with both straight line and oblique crunches and various exercises to strengthen her lower back. Bathed in sweat she relaxed by stretching all of her major muscle groups and then repeated the sets.

“Well, thanks for listening. You always were the strong silent type, weren’t you? Your grave seemed well maintained when I came out in May. Of course we both know that they put those flags out just to please us once a year visitors. Don’t worry! I’ll come see you on your birthday, just like always. Love you, Bill. I gotta’ get another shower. Goodnight.”