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Gabrielle checked the alarm function on her phone and confirmed that it was set for seven. Though physically exhausted her mind refused to shut down and she concentrated on deep, meditative breaths to calm herself. Getting herself and Adriel to Doctor Theia’s office by 10:00 would be difficult, even with three hours to prepare.

It was Jenny Gallardo who had alerted her to the Ocata Trials. “That woman could be the poster child for bread cast upon the waters,” she mumbled to herself.

Bill Finger and his friend Detective Callahan had made a good team. Jacob had done a little cyber digging and made a few phone calls to the Manassas Police Department, speaking only to recent mid-east combat veterans.

Gabrielle was still ambivalent about Henry Gallardo’s lack of a criminal record or trial but the important thing was that Jenny was able to get out on her own and start living a meaningful life, again thanks to Bill.

She had been tickled when he had called and said, “Guess what? I arranged to have a chance meeting with this Jenny friend of yours and I offered her a job.”

“Wait, you did what?”

“Well, I wanted to check on her and make sure everything was copacetic and my cover story was that I was looking for an administrative assistant and I’d gotten her name from Veteran’s Affairs. It was pretty lame but I figured it would do, you know? Turns out she’s a great candidate and I hired her!”

“Well I’ll be damned. I’d say something about weaving wicked webs when we first practice to deceive but I guess I’d better let sleeping dogs lie before the pot starts shouting black over and over. Hey, that’s great!”

“And that should win an award for mixed metaphors but yeah, it is great. Anyway, I gotta’ go, I just wanted you to know.”

“Great. Thanks, Bill. I’m super glad,” she had said.

“Yeah, super glad,” she repeated as she drifted off to sleep.