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“Routine” can be a slippery word. Gabrielle and Adriel’s routine was anything but for most people. Adriel awoke and felt a pressure in his bladder. It had been well after midnight when his wife had held the urinal flask for him so he could relieve himself but he wasn’t sure what time it was now, nor what time she was planning to get up.

‘Decisions, decisions,’ he thought to himself. It had become routine for him to sleep in adult diapers. Not because he had lost bladder or bowel control but rather to avoid the situation he found himself in now. The urge to urinate was strong enough to keep him from falling back asleep but not so strong as to make relief an urgent matter. Last night the normal routine had been broken with love making and after he’d drifted off to sleep naked. Without the diaper he was faced with three choices, awaken his wife, live in discomfort, or allow himself to just let go and wet the bed. Number three was not as yet a number one option. ‘Decisions, decisions,’ he thought again.

Even though he wasn’t paralyzed his voluntary muscle control was so poor that the simple act of turning his heavy skull was a monumental task. The room darkening curtains were quite effective in masking any clues as to the time of day and he slowly turned his head to look at the clock. Six fifty three. He remembered that Gabrielle had an appointment this morning with Doctor Theia to see if she was a candidate for the next round of stem cell trials that Ocata was conducting on folks suffering from Stargardt’s disease but he didn’t remember the time of the appointment. If she was due at Doc Theia’s at ten then it was almost time to get up but if the appointment was for eleven it could be a long wait for bladder relief.

‘Decisions, decisions. Guess I’ll give her until seven and see if she gets up then,’ he thought to himself.