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At eight fifty Bill Finger dialed Doctor Theia’s private number. He wanted her in her office but he didn’t want to distract her from her duties.

“Amenti Theia,” came the crisp and slightly accented voice from his phone.

“Amenti. Bill Finger here. Just wanted to make sure that you got that donation check for your new research clinic.”

“Ah, Bill. Yes, I did. I’m sorry, I asked my secretary to send out a thank you letter. I’d swear she had me sign it.”

“Oh,” he lied, “must be in my pile of unopened mail. I’ve been a bit busy of late. Any news on that latest Ocata trial we were talking about?”

“No, not really. But in this case no news is good news, right? They’re vetting volunteers; gathering subjects still. The plan is to start in August when the university resumes its regular schedule.”

“Oh, that’s great. Both of those things. I’m so glad to support your work and theirs. Speaking of your work, I know you can’t really talk about your patients but I understand that we have a mutual acquaintance. Gabrielle Gibeon? She mentioned that she’s a patient of yours.”

“Did she? Well she’s free to discuss such things of course.”

“Yes. In fact she mentioned that she’s coming to see you today for a check-up and I was wondering if you’d considered screening her as a possible subject for Ocata.”

The silence that followed made Bill smile. He waited for Dr. Theia to speak. “I wouldn’t be at liberty to say, would I?”

“Oh? No. I guess not. Just something I was thinking about, that’s all. I can talk to Gabrielle later and hear from her. Sorry if I pushed some limits for you. Let me know if you need any more backers for your facility, won’t you? I’m sure I could find you some.”

“I see. Well, thank you, Mr. Finger. I’d better go, I have patients that are waiting for me. And again, thank you for your support.”

“Oh, absolutely. Your work is important and near and dear to me. Good bye, Doctor.”