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Duvan started to again extend his hand to Adriel but stopped when he realized that the wheelchair bound man could not shake hands with him. “So you can’t move? Man! Has to be really hard!”

“Yes it is. A few years ago I would have challenged you to a race but now I need the wheelchair. Where do you work?”

“Bar Louie’s. Ever been there?”

“I don’t think so,” Gabrielle answered. “Where is it?”

“Over by the library? In the Town Square?”

“Hmmm. I don’t think so. How long have you been there?”

“Let’s see. Three years at Christmas. My brother got me the job. Way better than my job at Sandino. Plus, here when I ride the bus I do not have to share a seat with chickens.”

“Sandino?” Adriel asked.

“The big airport in Managua. I worked there. The pay was not great but I was lucky, I could afford rice and beans and sometimes a little pollo. Here it is better. I lived not far away in San Benito- just off the Pan American Highway? At least the bus ride was smooth!”

“Do you work with your brother?” Gabrielle asked.

“No, but I live with him. It’s nice to have family. He does landscape work. At first I worked with him but I could not stand the cold. Landscaping pays better than kitchen work but I don’t know how he stays outside in the winter. Muy frio!”

“So do you take a bus to work or METRO rail?” Adriel asked.

“Oh, the subway most of the way. I don’t live far from here but getting to the METRO station on foot is a big hassle. Might be quicker this time though.”

“We’re heading to METRO too,” Gabrielle replied. “You take the Red Line to Town Square?”

“Yes. It’s not far, but again, a long, long walk!”

“Well,” Adriel typed out, “I’m afraid we’re going to slow you down some more. We’re heading to METRO and then down to NIH.”

“Can’t be helped. Anyway, I’m already late, huh?”

Gabrielle smiled and said, “Yeah. I guess we’ll take what life throws our way.”