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After they’d made their goodbyes to Dr. Theia and then Anna her receptionist Adriel said, “Did Doctor Theia seem strange today? I don’t know, uptight? Angry even?”

“Yes!” his wife replied. “I thought it was because we were a tiny bit late but she was just frosty, wasn’t she? I wonder if something’s going on at home or if she has some huge personal problem she’s dealing with.”

“No idea. I really don’t know her. Anna seemed to lighten up though.”

“Once Theia was out of the room. Maybe that’s the problem? Those two not getting along or some financial issue. Coworkers squabble sometimes.”

“So I think things went well, don’t you?” he asked. “I heard what she said about not getting your hopes up but how many candidates can they have with your level of degeneration? Maybe this is a case like Hughie Lewis sang about.”

“I beg your pardon?”

”You know! ‘Sometimes bad is good!’ Sorry, the voder doesn’t have a singing icon or I’d of sung the line for you.”

“Ugh! You know, there’s nothing in the rules that says I have to take you home with me, right? And isn’t the line, ‘Sometimes, sometimes bad is bad!’” she sang to him.

“Oh! That’s vicious. Poisonous one might even say, Arachne. Leave me behind! And I’m pretty sure both lines are in the song. Hey! Speaking of home, should we stop by Bar Louie and check in on Duvan? He was really pretty cool, wasn’t he?”

Gabrielle stopped the wheelchair a moment, kissed the top of her husband’s head and said, “That is a fantastic idea! He really was, wasn’t he? I mean, so open and full of life! Too bad more of us can’t be like him.”

“So you’re not going to abandon me on the METRORAIL?”

“No promises, Doctor Xavier, but if I do I’m pretty sure you’ll manage. Come on, let’s get this train down to Town Square, shall we?”