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It is only four METRO stops from NIH to Rockville Town Square and while they traveled Adriel found Bar Louie on his computer. Exiting the subway train Adriel’s voder produced voice told his wife, “Gibbs Street is five blocks west of here and then north a block. I think we can exit north of Park Road but otherwise we can cross at Rockville Pike with the light. Looks like sidewalk the whole way.”

“Good. I hate it when we have to roll along in the streets. You’d think these drivers are blind sometimes, wouldn’t you?” she asked with a laugh.

“You think it’s bad for you? I get to see them coming straight at me!”

“Hmmm. Not sure which is worse. Which way, kemo sabe?”

Adriel directed his wife out of the METRO station and to the north side of Park. “Wow,” she said as they exited the station, “that sun is really bright, isn’t it?”

“And getting hot. Can you see anything?”

“From the sun? A very little. The bright light makes higher contrast so shadows are more distinct, if that’s the right word!”

They navigated the short distance to Bar Louie’s without incident and only one sharp blast of a car horn but even that driver rolled down his window and shouted, “Sorry!” as he drove away.

“You going to have something to drink?” Adriel asked.

“Maybe. Probably. What time is it?”

“It’s almost six o’clock; in Dublin.”

“Har, har. Glad you’re feeling good, sweetie. So, what? One o’clock?”

“Almost. Plenty late enough to be luscious without being lushes.”

“You know it’s still not too late to leave you here, right?”

“Sure you can make it home without my eyes?”

“Sweetie, all I have to do is look pouty and lost and I’ll have Boy Scouts carrying me to the METRO, remember?”

“Damn. I forgot. Benefit of being young, sexy and female in a chauvinistic society. I see Bar Louie.”

“That’s one up side among many downers. We’re not going to let Duvan buy, are we?”

“Not if we can help it without embarrassing him.”

A departing patron held the door open for them at Bar Louie and Gabrielle thanked him as she navigated the electric drive wheelchair into the restaurant.