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“Duvan! How nice to see you!” Gabrielle responded, holding her hand out to him. “Yes, Doctor said everything’s fine with my eyes, except that they don’t work. Did you get in trouble for being late?”

“Your eyes? Oh. I thought you were going for Adriel. No, not too much trouble. As I told them, if I work until two it is awfully difficult to be back here by nine. The METRO gets me to Shady Grove but then I have to walk home from there, no bus service that late, you know?”

“That’s something we hadn’t thought of,” Adriel’s electronically produced voice replied. “We’ve used METRO all our lives but really didn’t use the buses until I couldn’t drive anymore, just the past few years. We’re always home before they shut down.”

“It’s not too far of a walk unless it is cold out. Then I hate it. I’m so glad you came in! I want to buy you that drink, okay?”

Gabrielle smiled but said, “Do you know why I went to the doctor’s today? I’m hoping to get into a clinical trial that might restore some of my sight. I don’t want to jinx it so could we wait for the celebratory drink until after I find out? Is that okay?”

“You might be able to see again? Lo fantastic! When did you lose your eyesight?”

“I started to go blind over fifteen years ago. It would be nice to get into the clinical trial but there’s no guarantee of success even if I do. Adriel got into one and it didn’t help him at all.”

“Oh, lo siento. Well, good luck to you.”

“Thank you, Duvan,” Adriel said. “What do you recommend to eat?”

“I like the roasted vegetable flatbread. Very tasty and also good for you, yes? I’m so glad you came in! You will let me know about the eye trial, yes?”

“We will, Duvan,” Gabrielle answered. “Thanks.”

Duvan turned to leave, saw the gentleman that had been staring at Gabrielle earlier and called out to him, “Mister Finger! Good afternoon! Great to see you again.”

“Always good to see you too, Duvan.” The baritone voice that answered was quite familiar to Gabrielle.