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Hearing Bill Finger’s voice Gabrielle’s blind eyes opened wider than her mouth dropped. “Jesus, honey are you okay?” her husband asked from across their table.

“Oh, sure! Ghost must have walked over my grave, that’s all!”

“The way your jaw dropped and the color drained out of you I was afraid you might have had a stroke. Smile for me and raise your arms, please.”

“I said I’m fine,” she snapped ferociously. “Just let me be!”

Adriel stared at his wife before answering, “You sure? Maybe that ghost possessed you.”

“What!? Oh. I’m sorry. I just had a bad moment. Talking about you and your stem cell trial and all that happened. Or didn’t happen.”

Adriel’s first impulse was to jab her with, ‘What happened was you slept with some guy, and what didn’t happen was any kind of cure,’ but he resisted the temptation. “Totally different. This Ocata thing is second trial because the first was effective, remember?”

“Of course I remember. Sorry. Life is so damned hard sometimes, that’s all. I just wish we’d get a break, you know?”

Adriel again clamped down on his anger and the response of, ‘You took a break remember? Or should I say are taking?’ was instead voiced as, “This could be the break we need. This is very likely to help you with your ability to see.”

“If I get in. If it helps people whose vision is as bad as mine. If it lasts. Too many ifs,” she concluded by mashing her fists into her eye sockets and emitting a sob. “Sorry. Things are rough all over, aren’t they?” she asked as she reached for, found and squeezed her husband’s hand.

“Hey, you’re entitled. Sometimes I wonder if you’re human. You’re like Spider Woman and the Energizer Bunny all rolled into one.”

Gabrielle smiled and twirled her finger on the back of Adriel’s hand. “It may seem like that but there are so many times I just want to scream. We’re quite a team, aren’t we?”

“In both the sardonic and literal sense.”

“I love you, Adriel.”

“And me you. More than I can ever say.”

A waitress walked up to their table and greeted them. “Hi. I’m Amber. Sorry to keep you waiting. Can I get you guys anything to drink? Something from the bar? Iced tea? Soft drink?”

“Something from the bar,” Gabrielle responded. “For sure.”