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Sean Finger was Bill’s free-spirited son and when Caroline had been killed what ever ameliorating influence she had had on their wild child died with her. The Fingers had been eager for children but even though they pursued their creation with enthusiasm a decade of trying to procreate produced no little Fingers. Finally, at forty-five years of age Caroline found herself with child just prior to Bill’s fortieth birthday.

Looking back Bill thought it certain that they had been far too permissive with their children, providing them with too much opportunity and not enough obligations; but that dye was set long before Sean and Doug lost their mother. Sean had become a globe-trotting wanderer right after graduating from high school and Bill, his wife and their younger child had been forced to hope for the best. When Sean disappeared the two Finger men could not help but fear the worst.

Jenny Gallardo had proven to be a valuable employee and ally in keeping tabs on Sean. Though they came from opposite socio-economic backgrounds Sean had seemed interested in the young woman and she had managed to keep him in the country for nearly a year as Sean mulled over going to school or joining an organization such as AmeriCorps or getting involved with Habitat For Humanity. Bill encouraged Jenny to see his son but soon after 2014 was rung in Sean announced that he was going to Turkey.

“Turkey!?” Bill had asked with a sneer, “What in the name of Allah are you going to do in Turkey!?”

“Help Syrian refugees,” Sean had replied vehemently. “Assad is using chemical weapons on his own people and all we do in the US is dither about who’s on first and what’s on second. I can make a difference in Turkey, and so could you! Instead of selling Valium, Viagra and Vicodin your little plenitude of pill pushers could be providing life saving drugs to refugees. Somebody has to help and if it isn’t going to be big government or big business then I guess it’ll have to be big-hearted citizens!”

“Oh, give me a break! If it wasn’t for my pill pushing you wouldn’t be able to get out of Maryland!”

“Oh, you think so!? Well I guess we’ll see, won’t we. I’ll be sure to write!” Sean had said before slamming the door and speeding away in Bill’s car.