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Sean Finger applied for and received government documents that made his visit to Turkey perfectly legal. His work in Turkey aided Syrian refugees that were pouring across the border and was beneficial and appreciated. Reports Bill received from the investigative firm detailed his son’s connections in Syria which implied he was also involved in actions not sanctioned by any sovereign state. Sean was likely involved in more than straightforward humanitarian aid and that meant he was at even greater risk than Bill had originally feared.

Bill was determined to keep his older son safe but realized that short of kidnapping him there was little he could do to make the strong young man bow to his will. The detectives watched his son and reported to Bill the activities they observed and Bill paid them for their reports. It was the urgent report he received via phone that had brought his and the Gibeons’ life crashing down.

With Adriel in New York receiving treatment that offered hope of reversing or at least slowing the ravages of ALS Gabrielle had consented to accompany Bill out for a night on the town. They spoke often, consulting one another and conferring about their mutual friend Jenny Gallardo and Bill found his surrogate daughter slash love interest stimulating company. They’d wined, dined and danced and after sharing one last late night drink he’d asked if she’d like to see his place.

“That would be lovely, Bill,” Gabrielle had responded. “But just for a minute. I really need to be getting home.”

Bill had given her the tour of his home, going from room to room and announcing that they were now in the living room or kitchen and Gabrielle had used her hands and fingertips to explore the kitchen countertops and a few of the sculptures that decorated his home. “This is lovely, but I really must go. This was a very special night for me,” she’d said offering her lips for a quick kiss.

The phone rang just as her head tilted back and Bill had considered ignoring the device and instead enjoying the pleasure of a chaste but heartfelt kiss; a lifetime of doing the right thing won out and he instead answered his phone. He recognized the frantic voice coming over the airwaves to him but could hardly understand a word of what the heavily accented man was saying.