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When Bill Finger married his wife Caroline he had been thirty-one years old. For nearly three decades prior to her death they had shared an incredible life and in the last thirty-three years he had had carnal knowledge of Caroline and Caroline alone. The unplanned but long fantasized melding with Gabrielle’s flesh changed that streak.

Never once in his late-middle-aged day-dreams had he imagined that his living room rug would be home to their first love making tryst. Of course he had never dreamed that satisfaction for his yearning loins would be purchased at such a high emotional cost to him either. With Sean’s fate uncertain Bill lost control and gave himself over to Gabrielle’s ministrations.

“Shock and awe,” was a term that the US Military used in the early 1990’s when describing US aid to Kuwait and the subsequent invasion of Iraq. Shock and awe was what Bill was experiencing at the hands of his tiny young lover.

Caroline had been the earliest of baby-boomers and had come of age at a time when women were reared as ladies. Love making with his wife had always been joyful but she had demurely acceded to rather than enthusiastically led their romps between the sheets. Gabrielle’s unbridled and uninhibited sexual energy hit him like a tsunami and soon she washed all thoughts of Sean away from him.

At some point he found himself inexplicably in his bed rather than on the living room floor. Quoting Steve Guttenberg from the movie, “Cocoon,” he moaned, “If this is foreplay then I’m a dead man!” only to have his spent energies resurrected by Gabrielle’s never-ending bag of tricks and enthusiastic demands. For Bill Finger what started as one of his two worst nights ever was transformed into a two-day cathartic marathon that might make a Sybarite turn a pale shade of envious green.