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Gabrielle figured that the easiest way to find the restrooms was to ask the hostess so she retraced her steps to the Bar Louie entrance where a familiar voice asked, “May I help you?”

“Yes, please. Could you direct me to the women’s room?”

“I can take care of this, Jewel,” Bill Finger’s voice intoned. “I was heading to the restroom myself, MS Carpenter.”

“Ah, Mr. Wayne. I heard Duvan greet you earlier. You must come here often,” she said, collapsing her white cane.

“Yes,” he replied, assuming the lead by tucking her right hand onto his left elbow. “Seems as though I’m at the courthouse at least twice a week; it’s close by.”

“How’s Sean doing?”

“His case is still pending but that’s federal court. I come down here for civil, usually business,” he answered, stopping in front of the restroom entrances. “I can’t believe I bumped into you! Haven’t done that since we met.”

“Har, har. Very droll, Bill. Are things going well for Sean?”

“Promising. My lawyers think probation. At least he’s back in the USA. Speaking of promising, didn’t you see your optometrist today?”

“Ophthalmologist, but yes. Dr. Theia did an exam and she said she’d submit me for the Ocata Trial. Here’s hoping.”

“Amen. We all need hope. How’s your husband?”

“Adriel is doing remarkably well for a man who will almost certainly be dead before the year is out. I need to get back to him.”

“Of course. Ah, not to be indelicate is there any chance of seeing you? It’s been months.”

Gabrielle squeezed his elbow and said, “That is indelicate but it’s the world we’ve built, isn’t it? I can’t get away now. Not with the condition he’s in. I’ll call you.”

“I look forward to it,” he replied, kissing her offered cheek. “Goodbye, Gabrielle.”