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The phone was ringing and Gabrielle wasn’t picking up. ‘Crap,’ Adriel thought to himself, ‘let it go to voicemail or answer it– that is the question.’ Talking on the phone was more difficult for him than face to face conversations. His computer generated voice sounded odd and lacked intonation. Even though his eyes worked the keyboard with lightning speed his speech was always slow as he typed sentences and then used his eyes to hit the ‘speak’ function.

When he’d been forced to go to the voder he’d phoned his parents and his mom had said it reminded her of listening to a news broadcast from the other side of the globe; speech, pause, speech. His ability to “eye-type” was much faster now than it had been those long months ago but he still felt self-conscious about it.

Caller ID indicated Dr. Theia and he exhaled in relief. At least it was someone who was accustomed to his disability. “Good morning, Anna this is Adriel.”

Instead of Anna Tobbit’s flat Midwestern voice the exotic tones of Amenti Theia greeted him. “Good morning, Adriel. This is Dr. Theia. I was expecting Gabrielle, is she available?”

“Well good morning, Doctor. She’s here but she must be indisposed. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Ah. I see. Well, I really wanted to speak to Gabrielle but I won’t keep you in suspense. I just this moment received an email from Karl Regillo at the Rogers Institute. I want to tell you that I had lobbied pretty hard to have Gabrielle included in the next trial even though her case is so pronounced. Dr. Regillo is considering including her in the trial. He needs to see her in Philadelphia next week. Shall I tell him that’s possible?”

“Wait. Did you say we’re in?”

“No, no. Not quite. But he hopes so. Shall I send you Dr. Regillo’s contact information and you correspond with his office?”

“Yes! Yes, please. This is wonderful news. Shall I have Gabrielle call you?”

“Only if she feels the need. Just be sure she follows up with Dr. Regillo as soon as possible, alright?”

“Yes, Dr. Theia. Absolutely. And thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. Please tell Gabrielle good luck for me.”

“I will. Oh! I will! Goodbye!”