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Adriel heard the toilet flush and Gabrielle emerge from their bathroom. “Did I hear the phone ring?” she asked.


“Better check voice mail. Wonder who it is?”

“No need, I got it.”

“You answered the phone?! Who was it, your parents?”

“No, and I do know how to answer the phone.”

She walked over to her husband, found his shoulders and gently massaged them. “You okay? You know what I meant. Usually you let me do the talking on the phone because people get freaked out by your voder and then sometimes they get frustrated because of the time lag. So, was it someone we know?”

“Yep. It was Dr. Theia’s office.”

“Oh. Oh, I see. What did Anna have to say?”

“It wasn’t Anna. It was Amenti.”

“’Amenti?’ When did the two of you get so chummy? And was she delivering the bad news personally?”

“I’ve always liked Amenti. I respect somebody who rises from Third World poverty and takes control of her own life.”

“I would hardly call Greece a developing nation. More of a limping economy than a financial backwater.”

“Oh, yeah? Seen the news lately?”

Gabrielle stopped her massaging. “Are you trying to distract me or tell me that my cat’s on the roof before you tell me she died or something? Just tell me what she said, okay? Please?”

“I’m sorry, sweetie. I wasn’t trying to be difficult or scare you. Dr. Theia called because she heard from the doctor conducting the Ocata Trial in Philadelphia. Regillo? Anyway, he is considering you and needs to see you up at the Rogers Clinic ASAP. You’re not in, but you’re not out either.”

“Say that again?”

“Regillo contacted Amenti and he wants to examine you before he green lights you. There’s an email with his contact info in your inbox. It looks like there’s a really good chance of you getting in the next trial.”

She hugged her husband to her and exclaimed, “I might be in? And there’s an email? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought I did, beautiful. Looks like we need to take a trip to the city of brotherly love.”