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Adriel used his computer to garner a cornucopia of information about Philadelphia. Amtrak had train service from D.C.’s Union Station starting at about three thirty in the morning with departures roughly every half hour. Basic tickets started as low as $53 and you could shave off over twenty minutes by spending three times that amount. ‘Two hours on a train isn’t bad at all. Two hundred dollars is a lot to spend when we don’t have to,’ he thought.

Amtrak stopped at Philly’s 30th Street Station which was just west of the Schuylkill River while the Rogers Eye Clinic lay less than two miles to the east. There was frequent bus service but it looked like JFK Boulevard had nice, wide sidewalks so using the wheelchair to get across the river and navigating there on their own seemed the best option. They’d go right by Temple University and it didn’t look like there should be too much trouble once they were off the train.

Good. One less thing to worry about.’

Gabrielle’s computer had been upgraded with adaptive accommodations similarly to Adriel’s. Its ability to transcribe her statements to writing was common but the computer’s ability to follow voice commands and read aloud to her were two features that gave her a lot more independence than she would have otherwise. She had selected Kim Basinger to be her computer’s voice and Adriel smiled as he heard MS Basinger’s alter ego Vicki Vale read the dry email from Dr. Regillo.

“Dear MS Gibeon, we are pleased to inform you that we are considering including you in Ocata’s Stargardt’s Clinical Trials. As per your request Dr. Theia has provided me with your pertinent medical records and we feel that your case may be a sound one to include in our upcoming round of treatment. Please fill out the following form and indicate when you can travel to Philadelphia in order that I might be able to exam you and determine your suitability for treatment. Sincerely, Karl Regillo, MD…” the list of letters following Dr. Regillo’s name continued but as most were unfamiliar to him blurred together in Adriel’s mind.

“Dear Doctor Regillo,” Gabrielle said slowly and distinctly. “I could not be more excited by the possibility of participating in an Ocata Stargardt’s Clinical Trial.”

As Gabrielle continued to speak Adriel said to himself, ‘Please, Lord, please. Let this work for her.’