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“No answer, huh?” Adriel said as Gabrielle scrunched up her face in frustration.

Sighing deeply she answered, “No, no answer. What time is it?” she added, activating the clock function on her phone. “Eleven oh seven; wonder if she’s in court. She’ll call me back, she always does.”

“She’s a cool kid. And a good friend.”

“Yeah, yes she is.” Gabrielle chose not to add, ‘And I thought I was the one who’d picked up a stray back when we met. After you Jenny’s the best friend I’ve got, and she doesn’t have our restrictions.’ “I got lucky when I met her, that’s for sure.”

“How’s her boyfriend? Still in prison?”

“Jail, technically. He’s awaiting trial and hasn’t been convicted so he’s in jail. Prison is for convicts.”

“There are people in jail that have been convicted of crimes.”

“Touché! I didn’t say jails only housed people awaiting trial, just that Sean’s technically in jail, not prison. He’s actually housed in the Cumberland Federal Facility because of the crazy nature of his charges but no matter where he is right now he’s considered to be in jail.”

“Trial seems to be taking a long time.”

“Yeah, well, that’s the way we do things these days, isn’t it? Besides, she said he might not have to go to trial or do time. His lawyers are working with the Feds.”

“What the hell did this kid do?!”

“Great question. I know he was in Turkey working with some NGO that was helping Syrian refugees and he got kidnapped by some terrorist group. You’d think getting rescued from them and getting back to the States would have ended his turmoil but no such luck. The problem is the group he was involved with is on the terrorist watch list too so now the incredibly efficient and caring Federal Courts System is reviewing his case. Complicated shit, that’s for sure.”

“You think she’s at what, a court hearing?”

“Oh! No, her work with the pharmaceutical company has her in court a couple times a week. I just figured that she must be there because she didn’t answer; usually if my call goes to voicemail it’s because she’s in court, that’s all.”

“Got to be tough on her.”

“For sure, but at least he’s close enough to visit. Give me a second, would you? –I want to try one more call.”