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Gabrielle was hesitant to call Bill Finger when Adriel was up and about but she had to tell someone her news. ‘If I could see I’d text him but when you have to speak out loud in order to create a text then the stealth aspect of texting kind of flies out the window.’ “Hey, give me a second, would you? I think I’ll email her. Her phone’ll pick that up and then when she sees my message she can respond right away.”

“That’s a good idea” her husband responded. “Want to borrow my computer?”

“No, that’s okay. It’s easier if I do it from mine. I shouldn’t be long, do you want anything before I go?”

“Just a kiss.”

The smile didn’t leave Gabrielle’s face but felt her cheeks redden from chagrin. ‘I hate this sneaking around bullshit but I guess this is the world I created,’ she thought. “My pleasure,” she answered, finding his lips and kissing him. “Oh, Adriel, I do love you so much.”

“Back at you, sweetie pie. You want to go for a cruise around the neighborhood when you’re done?”

“Hmm, yes. Fresh air and sunshine might do us both a little good,” she said as she slipped into the spare room, closed the door and booted up her email.

Even though Gabrielle spoke out loud and let her phone transcribe her thoughts into written word when creating text messages her job as a medical transcriptionist dictated that she needed to be an exceptional typist. Booting her email and selecting Bill’s and Jenny’s names as recipients required her to speak aloud but after that she typed and sent her message slightly faster than she could have spoken it:

I received what could turn out to be the best news short of a miracle for Adriel that I could have hoped for. My ophthalmologist called this morning and informed me that the Ocata Trials in Philadelphia are seriously considering me as a candidate for their next round of clinical study! I have an exam appointment for this Friday and we’re traveling up to the Rogers Institute via Amtrak. We expect to be back late that night and if things go well I will be one of their human Guinea Pigs.

Wish me luck! They’ve got me hanging by a spider thread!

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