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Responding to the low throated growl of the garage door opener Gabrielle said, “Sounds like Jenny’s here now.”

Jenn’s voice hollered out, “Hey! It’s just me! I have food! Don’t shoot!” she said laughingly. “Course I guess worrying about either one of you shooting is pretty silly, huh?”

She walked over to Adriel and kissed his mouth asking, “How’s studly?” and then hugged Gabriel. “So? Tell me what’s up with this Philadelphia thing? You think they’re going to put you in the next study but you’re not sure?”

“Well I hope so. It looks like I have one last hurdle to get over and then I’m in.”

“Plus the hurdles once she does get in. If, I mean. That smells good,” Adriel added, “what did you bring us?”

“If? For your girl? Come on! She makes miracles happen,” Jenny said, putting her arm around Gabrielle’s shoulders, “don’t cha, babe?

“I grabbed some East Dumpling House; garlic broccoli, sizzling rice soup and Buddha’s delight with shrimp. Hungry?”

“Well, maybe not quite miracles but I do what I can. And I’m starved. I had a banana and some coffee early but forgot to eat when we got the big news.”

“I’ll grab dishes and we can eat,” she replied as she did so. “I’ve got to get back to work. So explain this treatment thing for me?”

“There’s a drug company called Ocata Pharmaceuticals that had its first clinical trial for Stargardt’s starting in 2011. First one was tiny because phase one experimental trials always are; just sixteen people. It was successful enough to move on to a phase two trial. That means more test subjects and I’m on the maybe list.”

“When will you know?”

“Like I said, I have to be examined up at the Rogers Institute in Philadelphia and we’re heading up there Friday. I’m hoping to get word soon because I know they’re about ready to select subjects and get started.”

“Wow! That would be great. Uhm, hate to be a wet blanket but what if you don’t get in? Is this like an only chance or will there be more trials?”

“Excellent question,” Adriel interjected. “If phase two is successful and safe then they go on to three, four and five. Plus Ocata’s not the only company conducting research. If we don’t get in there’s other avenues.”

“So even if you’re not in there’s always hope?”

“Yes,” Gabrielle replied, “there’s always hope.”