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While an assault by three men had not stopped her Duvan’s words did. “You spoke to Bill?” Gabrielle asked.

“Yes. He said he would be right over.”

“Shit. Call him back! Tell him not to!”


“Oh, God! Just do it, please?”

“Listen. I hear sirens!”

“We have to get back to my house. We can’t let them stop us.”

“But they know I called. And a doctor needs to look at you. You were out for many minutes.”

“’Many minutes’? What time is it? How long ago did you call Bill?”

Checking his watch Duvan said, “It’s one twenty three. I called 911 maybe ten minutes ago and Bill and your husband not more than three. We need to let the po-”

“We need to get me home to Adriel. If the cops stop me then he’s home all alone and completely helpless,” she said, grabbing her phone from her pocket and saying, “Call 9-1-1.”

“This is 9-1-1. What is the nature of your emergency?”

“Hi. My name is Gabrielle Gibeon and a friend of mine saw me being assaulted and called you maybe ten minutes ago? We hear the police coming but we can’t wait at the crime scene. My husba-”

“I’m sorry, ma’am are you safe now?”

“Yes. Yes, I think so. I got away from the three men and then my friend was walking home from work and saw what was going on and called you…”

“I have you at 16614 Baederwood Lane, is that correct?”

“What? I don’t know! I suppose that’s right. Duvan, are we on Baederwood?”

“I think so. The police must be just around the corner.”

The 911 operator said, “Please, ma’am. If you’re safe and the police are right there can you just hold tight? For your safety? Where did the assault take place?”

“I’m not sure. Wherever Duvan called from. Probably near Redland. I know I went by the bus stop there.

“Listen. My husband is a paraplegic and he’s home alone. By now he knows I’m not there and he’s probably worried sick. I have to get-”

“The police will be there in less than a minute. I need to insist-”

“Insist all you want but I’m going home. I’ll give you my address. Have the cops show up there in ten and I’ll talk to them after I get home to my husband. Oh, better send the ambulance, too. Both Duvan and I should be looked at.”

“Please, ma’am, stop! It may not be safe.”

“Right. Here’s my address,” she gave her the house number on Mistic View Court. “Have the cops go there but no sirens! I need to get to my husband and the last thing he needs is more trauma!” She disconnected and grabbed Duvan’s arm. “Let’s cut through Blueberry Hill Park. That way the cops won’t stop us.”