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The squeal of the tires as the black Town Car rushed around the penultimate curve of Mistic View Court was loud enough to make everyone in the vicinity look up the street in its direction. The chirp they made as the driver slammed on the brakes and threw the car into park made many faces grimace in response to the abuse that was being perpetrated against the late model Lincoln. The driver unbuckled his seatbelt and reached for the car’s door handle just as Officer Chuck Davies reached for his flashlight

“Stop right there, mister! Stay in your car!” he added as he approached the vehicle, flashlight held high and pointed directly at the eyes of the driver with a look in his eye that indicated he might prefer to point his gun at the older man behind the wheel rather than just the light.

Bill had already begun to open the door but conceding to the propriety of the officer’s command he exhaled and closed it. His right arm lifted and his wrist turned slightly and then the driver’s window slid down into the door frame. “Sorry to come in here so fast, officer. I got a call that my friend Gabrielle Gibeon had been assaulted and that she needed my help.”

Officer Davies stood next to the vehicle, light still pointing in Bill’s eyes. “License and registration please.”

“Officer, can we do this in a minute?” Bill slurred slightly as he reached for the glove compartment and his registration. “Is my friend in that ambulance? Is she all right?”

Turning the flashlight from Bill’s face to the license, then back at his face and then again to the license Officer Davies replied. “Sit tight while I run this. Shouldn’t be but a minute.”

The look of extreme exasperation that covered Bill’s face said a thousand words squared but he remained silent, nostrils flaring and breath coming out hard and loud as Davies walked to one of the cruisers, turned off its flashing lights and typed away at the laptop. After a few minutes he walked to Looney’s cruiser carrying a small device in his hand, shut off its flashing lights and returned to Bill and his Lincoln Town Car.

“Here’s your license and registration, sir. Everything seems to be in order. Let me put your mind at ease concerning Mrs. Gibeon. She seems fine and after we talk to her and her friend that phoned in the 911 you should be able to speak with her.

“I do have one question though. Have you been drinking?” he asked, lifting the breathalyzer into view and rocking it back and forth four times.