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Grasping the bull by the horns Bill looked Adriel in the eyes and said, “Always glad to help, Duvan. Mr. Gibeon, may I come in?”

Spying on people, “Creeping” as it is frequently called by those of his young assistant Jenny Gallardo’s generation, is greatly facilitated by social media. Seemingly innocuous Facebook posts can give total strangers access to a plethora of information and is used both by criminals to phish for information and law enforcement to garner self-incriminating evidence against suspected law breakers.

Bill wasn’t much of a social media kind of guy; he had Linked In and Facebook accounts but utilized the former to establish and nurture business contacts and the latter site he visited infrequently as evidenced by his status updates which occurred about as often as blue moons. He had, however, learned to play the creeping game fairly well.

Some Facebook accounts are wide open, anyone can read virtually anything, bare the soul to the world entities while others are supposedly locked to outsiders and reveal nothing but an account holder’s name, city of residence and most likely a profile picture. Most of the locked accounts can be breached for tid-bits of information by utilizing a little creativity and finding mutual friends where the closed lipped folks might comment on posts or provide photos.

Early in their relationship Gabrielle Gibeon had “friended” Bill and he had taken pleasure in looking over the information she shared with friends and the world. Her account reached back nearly a decade and he had seen images of Adriel and watched him grow from a robust, Grecian god sort of a young man to the shrunken, desiccated shell he had first seen in person scant weeks before at Bar Louie.

Sitting just a few feet away from the Gibeons he had eavesdropped on their conversation out of both a desire to know all that went on in Gabrielle’s mind and simple covetous jealousy. Adriel possessed what Bill wanted and he had listened with rapt attention as the couple had spoken to one another secure in the knowledge that Adriel did not know him and Gabrielle could not see him.

He had heard Adriel’s voder produced voice before but up until now he had never spoken with the man. With no idea how he would be received, whether he’d be allowed to stay or ordered from Gabrielle’s home by her husband, Bill waited anxiously for Adriel to form a sentence and then command his voice giving device to speak.

“Ah, Bill. I’ve heard a lot about you. Why don’t you come in?” was the opening volley that the ironsides clad Adriel verbally shot out.