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As if Duvan’s admission of how he had sustained his injuries was a cue Gabrielle opened the front door to her home and she and Officer Looney entered. Other than Adriel’s all heads in the house swiveled in the direction of the foyer. He followed with his eyes and did his best to smile at his wife but his head remained braced by the support of his wheelchair.

Officer Looney entered the house behind Gabrielle and his eyes narrowed. Scanning the scene he found Officer Davies at the kitchen table with Duvan but also found Adriel and Bill in close proximity. He puffed out a breath and shook his head before declaring, “Paramedics checked her out and said she wasn’t concussed. They wanted to take her to Holy Cross but MS Gibeon doesn’t seem to think that’s necessary.”

He then walked over to Davies and said quietly, “What’s going on here? You having some kind of a pow-wow?”

Davies visibly blushed in response to Looney’s question and reached down to turn his voice recorder off. “No,” he responded, “I’m interviewing Mr. Diaz here. That’s Adriel Gibeon in the wheelchair, Mrs. Gibeon’s husband, and the other fellow on the couch is named Bill Finger. Diaz contacted Finger when he couldn’t get in touch with the husband. Mr. Diaz was just giving me his account of what he witnessed.”

“Really? You’re interviewing Diaz with other folks in the room? Do you think we could maybe step outside for just a second to discuss this?” Looney asked.

Adriel and Officer Davies both began to speak at once. Looney had not yet heard Adriel’s voder produced voice and its mechanical sound made him look away from Davies and his embarrassed protest and concentrate on Adriel instead.

“Ah, Officer Looney,” Adriel said. “I heard you outside my window after you pounded on my door earlier and Duvan was telling us that you interviewed him already. You must have spoken with my wife too?”

Looney turned his body toward Adriel and affected a wide stance. “Yes to both. Sorry if we disturbed you but we were in the middle of an unknown assault case and we’d been told to meet at your address. Just doing my job,” he added, looking at Davies. “I’d love to keep this investigation moving, wouldn’t you?”

Gabrielle pushed forward and stood next to Adriel. “Don’t try to bully my husband, Looney. I’m sorry if our circumstances don’t fit your cue sheet on investigating.

“I gave you my statement, you said Duvan gave you his and now Officer Davies here is just trying to treat us like human beings, is that against the rules?”

“Sorry if the protect part seems to be more important than the serve, MS Gibeon,” Looney retorted. “But we are doing the best we can.”

Adriel created a sentence and had his voder speak it but no one really listened to his words; they were too busy watching as his opened his eyes wide, vomited and then seemed to pass out.