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Duvan flipped on his right turn signal when he saw the sign for Holy Cross hospital. Bill said, “You see that big sign up ahead that says emergency room? Head up there and we’ll see if we can’t get a parking spot closer in than these way out here.”

“Yes. Now I see it.”

Duvan made the turn and found a small parking lot with a gate across it. He unrolled his window, took the parking stub and idled into the lot. “We’re lucky,” Bill said, “plenty of spaces. Lot can’t be more than ninety percent full. I’ve been here when you had to park a mile away.”

Duvan started to ease the big car into a space that was more appropriate for a compact than a full size. “Hang on, buddy,” Bill directed. “Let me get out here and then it won’t be such an ordeal opening the door without hitting the car next to me. Maybe karma will make him have the same courtesy.”

Bill got out and Duvan slowly rolled forward so that he was centered between the lines of the diminutive space. He put the car in park, carefully opened the door and asked, “Do you have everything you need?”

“Yep. Just grab the keys.”

Once he was out of the car he gently closed the door and then handed Bill the car keys. “That is a very nice car, Mr. Finger. You are a lucky man.”

“Thanks, Duvan. You know you can call me Bill, right? I mean, I know we’re not close friends but I really like you. Hell, you and Yazzie are the real reasons that I go to Bar Louie.”

“Well thank you. You are always very good to me. I just don’t wish to be disrespectful.”

“Yeah; not a bit. Why don’t you try it out? I mean, I understand that at the restaurant you might need to stick to the Mr. Finger bit but when you’re not working I’d prefer that you call me Bill. I got lots of folks who call me Mr. Finger, I need more trustworthy ones calling me Bill.”

“Again, thank you, Bill. I will try. Just before we pulled into the hospital you said you might be able to go with Gabrielle.”

“Huh!? Oh! No, what I said was I might be able to arrange it so she doesn’t have to go alone. You know Jenny, my personal assistant? She’s a friend of Gabrielle’s. Fact is Gabrielle met Jenny same day I did. Gabrielle told me about her and once I met her I found out what great gal she is and I hired her. You ever meet my son, Sean?”

“Yes. He is married, a very nice wife, two little children? You have been in with them a few times. No?”

“Ah. Wrong son. That one’s Douglass. Wife’s name is Regina, or Gina for short. He’s my older boy. My younger one’s named Sean. He and Jenny date some.”

“Too bad for me,” Duvan said with a wink. “As you said she seems like a great woman.”

“She is. She’s my Girl Friday, my right hand man. If anyone can get Gabrielle to do something then it’s Jenny.”