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We must understand that for many the goal is to sow hatred and fear: The “reasons,” like a cancer, are intertwined among the cells.
What have we created in our 7.3 billion soul sewer?
How many “haves” standing on the shoulders of the “have not” are unaware that the septic tank is rising and those we stand upon are no longer willing to accept crumbs?

Race/Culture/Religious war is a symptom of the world we have created.
Terror is not a cure.

Radicals within the “have not” are determined to level the world: To bring us all eye level with the sewage.
When mouths and noses are beneath the slime we shall live in a world where we may not even pray aloud.
Many of we “haves” cry out for Armageddon- to destroy the viper in his nest.

The cancer is among us.
We feed it.
We live it.
We are one with it?

Where is the hope of lifting the world’s people up rather than breaking us all down?
Gone in a hail of gunfire.
Gone in a tailored vest replete with explosives.
Gone in a maniacal laugh as the enemy is dragged behind a pickup truck.

The dogs of war are hungry.
The snarling packs with their alpha dogs are circling.
Are we men?
Are we dogs?
Are we sheep?

I pray that it is not too late to live as men.