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Pied piper led children and fat rats to their graves-
How many great leaders are corrupted old knaves?
The muffin man’s not merry, muffin man’s not kind-
Adds poison to his muffins, makes them taste divine.
Sauce that’s good for ganders is also right for goose-
Hardly matters anyway, both end in a noose.
Jack’s a tiny swallow, a jill is much the same-
But taken in a butt load life goes down the drain.
We sing of stars that twinkle, sing of stars that shine-
But in the deep, dark nursery evil is sublime.
Do unto others before they do it to you-
The fount of human kindness has run dry it’s true.
Comes knight in shining armor, upon his white horse-
Greet him as a savior and you’ll soon find remorse.