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Here today and gone tomorrow, left us in an eye’s stunned blink,
No words of comfort to impart grieving parents on the brink.
Sweet child who’d grown to young woman full of salt and vinegar,
Path she followed, footsteps so cherished, for Him she did demure.

Belle of fiery beauty, arms open to all, flown far away:
My friend, my heart, my niece, whose mocking eyes are now closed to gray.
Quick tongue she worked to temper for greater sake of loving Him,
Balance of scale ‘tween self and righteousness weighted not toward sin.

Darling Annalisa with whom I did shadowbox and spar,
Could lift flagging spirits heavenly with excellence sans par.
Gone now to arm’s of sweet Savior at whose feet she gladly knelt,
Spritely mischievous darling your loss shall be ever felt.