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Shout of triumph
Or melancholy.
Simile, metaphor,
Alliterative action,
Sounds, images, satisfaction.
Dissect feelings with symbolic knife,
Microscope explores all aspects of life,
From languish to loving and heartaches preserved,
Restructure life’s canvas using power of word.
Apathy uprooted, empathy brought into play:
Compelling poetic visions that help cast away gray.
Faces in flowers, angels in clouds, poets see through it all;
Proclaim that surrounding us infinite visions beyond the pall.
Optics see what light reflects, poetic vision not so circumspect.
Mind? Soul? Heart? Spirit? Literal terms for constructs that hardly come near it.
Lyric forms that bend a mood, restore a hard heart; poetry can be fine art.
Authors, bards, lyricists, writers and odd pundits employ words; yes, that’s redundant.
Wooing words of such fleshly delight, poems have power of romance to reignite.
Not just words of love’s delight poems soothe tortured  souls when all hope is gone in deepest night.
Injured pride longing to retaliate can instead with poetry dastards eviscerate.
Or for gentle hero who has slipped away with loving tribute poets can both honor and pray.
If the power of the pen is mightier than sharpest sword with rhyme and meter peace can be restored.
Twenty-six alphabet which English poems are arranged, verse of life and love keep me from being deranged.