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Head in Hands

Raining blows without end, joy it does rend
Weight that drags and drowns, never ending rounds
Gray heart and mind, dead passage of time
Hope that has fled leaving me feeling dead
Twilight day and night longing to feel right

Hellions without surcease; down on my knees
Pray higher power makes banshees cower
Cast out demons within, wash away sin
Arise as a man, retake life’s command
Is this the dawn, glorious antiphon?

Yearning for relief, vict’ry o’er mirth’s thief
Rose sunrise appears, first glow half a year
Glimmer of light that my soul might ignite?
Can this be the start whence I regain heart?
Helicopter seeds lead to maple trees

One day at a time long search for sublime
With help from on high end incessant sighs
Oasis of hope, spring to which I grope
Please buoy me up, refill my life’s cup
“Give me strength this day,” is mantra I pray