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White gown wedding morning,
black slip at night,
Searing red passion
of earthly delight.
Fresh youth resplendent
with hearts all aglow,
Feels love transcendent
with fire below.
Sweet rose colored glasses
that warp and twist,
Make saccharine pictures
hard to resist.
Cracks in life’s mirror,
dream’s panes that are warped,
Time, like a bandit,
love’s reign can usurp.
Easy to falter,
when road’s strewn and steep;
When all that’s recalled
is how the soul weeps.
“To have and to hold,
till death do we part,”
Pledge of sacred honor
song of the heart.
Moon light of honey,
how long can it last?
Love is a seasoning,
not a repast.
When boons become burdens,
tasks to endure,
Then hearts too shall wither
and be inured.
Love is a marathon,
not a sprint race,
Accepts pain with pleasure,
understands grace.
Two into one
true marriage must transform,
Where love battles to uplift
and reform.
Youth transformed to dotage
blink of an eye,
Dark hair to silver
so soon does man die.
Ties that bind
are affairs of steadfast hearts
Lifelong love affairs
are beautiful art.