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A sound,
a word
or catchy phrase
causes Antikythera gears
to engage.
Brain starts firing
at speed of thought;
where I’ll end up,
I know not.
Up to the stars,
down in the sea,
beside Captain Nemo
or up with H.G.?
Stories I’ve read,
plays I’ve seen,
or flashing movies
up on the big screen;
offer up templates
and set designs
for the tall-tales
I create in my mind.
Creamy soft Pablum,
thoughts dark and deep,
demented characters
or piqued interest in plots
to then glean and reap.
and characters
that swirl in my head,
engage in conversations
on their own timelines.
Words emerge
and take tracks that they find;
I’m just secretary
for subconscious mind.